Heavy Duty Truck Racks

north america's finest heavy duty truck racks

The Wildcatter Heavy Duty Truck Rack
WildCatter Rack
Load limit 2,200 lbs* Model 2013-4
The Atlas Heavy Duty Truck Rack
Atlas Rack
Load limit 2,000 lbs* Model 2012-1
The Work Horse Truck Rack
WorkHorse Rack
Load limit 1,600 lbs* Model 2015-3
The Job-Site Heavy Truck Rack
Job Site Rack
Load limit 1,500 lbs* Model 2015-1


Heavy Duty Truck Racks for Industry and Construction - Made in the USA

Heavy Duty Truck Racks.com is a division of U.S. Rack, Inc. U.S. Rack began, as so many businesses have, in a garage in the Silicon Valley. After taking a large welded truck rack off his pickup truck, Chris Green had two problems: (1) a sore back and (2) no place to store the bulky rack. He exclaimed to his wife, Stephanie, “There ought to be a rack that clamps onto a truck and stores easily when you don’t need it.” Out of that insight grew the U.S. Rack business.

Determined to make sure that his designs were sturdy and safe, Chris initially worked with a university engineering department and later with an independent engineering lab to load-test components and products. In 2000, he set up a small shop to manufacture the first production racks and in 2003 built the larger Madera, CA manufacturing plant. In 2018, the business had grown out of that plant and has moved into an even larger plant in Corona, California.

U.S. Rack is still a small business but now manufactures the largest variety of distinct pickup truck rack designs anywhere and leads the market with quality, innovative, multi-functional pickup racks that install quickly with NO DRILLING.

You should strongly consider becoming a U.S. Rack customer if you:

* Load limits assume distributed load and use of truck cab guard. See individual truck rack pages for more information.
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